Things To Do in Beijing, If You Come In Winter

Traveling to the capital of People’s Republic of China, Beijing, is worth to try. There are many (un)important things that u guys should try, to make your holiday more fun.

I was there once, for 7 days on February 2011 (yeah, I’ve been postponing to write this article for ages, because ummm u know, I’m a lazy ass). I came to Beijing with some of my friends, when I was having days off from my volunteer work. I visited some places and it was a great 7 days there.

Since it’s been more than 4 years ago, I might not remember all the fun stuffs that I might suggest to you. But here are some of them:


1. Hug a tree in Forbidden City
Come to Imperial Garden in Forbidden City, you will find 400 year old pine tree. You probably can not hug that tree (if I’m not mistaken) but you should try to hug some other unrestricted trees. Maybe you’re feeling lonely and need hug from your crush but he choose to hug your bestfriend instead, u can hug a tree. Just in case.


2. Eat sweet potato while seeing Forbidden City from the top of a hill
I was kinda hungry after exploring Forbidden City, but I still have one more destination on that day. I was planning to come to Jingshan Park in the area of Jinshang Hill. Since I need more energy to come to the top, I bought like 1 warm steamed sweet potato.

I ate half of it while climbing the stairs and saved the rest. The sun almost set when I stepped my feet at the top. Then I spot a free place for me to just stand quietly, looking at the sunset and of course the majestic looking of Forbidden City from above. To complete my experience there, I ate my half part of sweet potato. I’m simply happy.


3. Get lost
It’s fine and fun to get lost. But don’t be alone. At least bring one other friend who wants to get insane and lost together with u. He/she doesn’t have to be ur lover.

I myself got lost in Beijing with my close friend. We accidentally chose the wrong bus from Forbidden City to our hotel. It was kinda scary and hard to find the right way to our hotel because not so many people can speak English, but I can’t deny that it was kinda fun.


4. Posing on pedicab for picture
Don’t forget to come to Hutong, where u can find many classic pedicab. It’s little bit different from Indonesian becak. Some of the owner just parked their pedicab near the street. If u don’t have money to go around Hutong with that, just pretend to be a pedicab driver for some minutes to take picture. If the owner is nearby, don’t forget to ask for permission.


5. Try skating on the frozen lake
Still in Hutong, there’s a lake that will be frozen every winter. People with go there to play ice skating and skating chair. It was really fun, But don’t forget to be careful, some of the area have thin ice. Just make sure you’re on the right track to play ice skating.


6. Eat tanghulu
Tanghulu is traditional Chinese snack that usually available in winter. It’s kinda candied fruit. Some fruits like strawberry or orange covered in hard candy on skewer.

7. Take picture in front of Bird Nest Stadium at night
Because it’s cool. No need longer explanation.


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